In current era, information technology sector is known for its quick transformation, upgradation and reconfiguration, frequent modification of IT systems and physical relocation of its equipment to fulfil operational requirements.

IMAC refers to four basic requirements of any IT sector organization named as INSTALLATIONSMOVESADDITIONS and CHANGES


The term refers to the identification and installation of various devices such as: desktops, printers, laptops, servers, modems, motherboards, monitors, scanners, routers, switches servers, firewalls etc. The procedure includes the installation, customization and configuration of various hardware devices in the local network, to guarantee ideal efficiency and yield.


Relocation from one site to another site can include a considerable measure of complexities, especially when it includes moving hardware equipment and devices. IMAC services can help you move and exchange your whole IT infrastructure to another area, in a deliberate, protected and productive way.

This includes the disjoining of connections, uninstalling all devices and systems, guaranteeing appropriate packaging of all the devices and transporting them to the new office or area. This service incorporates useful testing, packaging, logistics systems and final installation of the systems and devices guaranteeing a smooth move and diminishing or wiping out downtime for all influenced staff.


To cope up with pace of progressions in the IT business world, infrastructure must be always up to date. IMAC solutions can help you with the expansion, redesigning and improvement of new equipment, including hardware like disk drives, monitors, servers, switches, routers and so on. This likewise includesmoves up to whole new software platforms or the simply addition of any new set of software.


“Change” service would particularly include hardware or software modifications/replacements. This is usually required when a device or system gets to be worn out and starts performing erratically. Whether an organization needs only one or two hardware devices replaced or a complete system revamping done, adaptable and agile IMAC solution can be useful  

The procedure can in some cases incorporate system upgrades, configuration changes, data backup and recovery. Effective implementation of changes can stabilize a situation, allowing work to move from reactive firefighting to more a proactive mode, concentrated on eliminating the underlying driver and aversion of issues.

Coscemex IT provides One-Stop solution for all your business requirements such as upgradations and relocation, our specially designed IMAC services are cost effective, flexible and completes well on time to fulfil rapidly changing organizational needs. Our engineer network is readily available anytime and anywhere.

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