About Nearshoring

Nearshoring exists to connect extraordinary talent with opportunity. Cultivating an atmosphere of community, creativity and productivity to bring value to our clients.

Reduce Costs

Coscemex-IT outsourcing has become the best option to get top talent at the best price

Solution Focussed

Outsourcing through Latin America is a permanent solution built on the foundations of higher technical knowledge and English proficiency

Stay Connected

Cultural affinity, proximity and time zone take center stage in the list of reasons to outsource to Latin America

Our Distinctives

From Resume to Starting Day

Coscemex- IT is resetting the bar when it comes to outsourcing the right talent for the right company. Our staff assesses the technical knowledge, experience and English skills of each candidate. The pre-recorded interview and assessment results are sent to you for evaluation prior to any decision making. ​As a managed service provider,Coscemex- IT assigns dedicated US-based account management, providing each of our client’s a customized high-touch, results oriented, value-add, quality of service.

We Work When You Work

Offshoring has proven to provide more challenges than solutions – time zone, quality and lack of follow-through. And as the demand grows larger in the U.S., the supply of great talent onshore is diminishing. Coscemex- IT was created so that small and large businesses alike can rely on an outsourced provider to consistently deliver successful outcomes. We have directly acquired highly trained, creative and experienced personnel in the U.S. and Mexico. Our time zone, culture and experience along with the effective cost makes Coscemex- IT the best nearshore option for Latin America companies.
Your Success is Our Success Our clients put it best when they say that we care as much about their success as they do their own. We believe integrity is a key component to any partnership we form.

Experts Team

Coscemex- IT uses a nearshore outsourcing business model to bring you the high-quality talent you need, at a lower overhead. We are dedicated to supporting your business ventures by providing you with a team of experts.


Whatsapp us or leave your contact so we can reach you shortly!
Whatsapp us or leave your contact so we can reach you shortly!

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We work in Mexico, Center and South America

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